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Bian Family

Listen to Emile Léopold and Tania Bian VO French

Emile Léopold Bian

Emile Léopold Bian was born in Brazil and is the grandson of a highly influential Luxembourgish notary in Luxembourg (Redange-sur-Attert), whose son Léopold joined Louis Ensch at Belgo Mineira in the late 1920s.

Tania Réquia Bian

Tania Bian is the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Porto Alegre and Emile Léopold Bian's wife.

The couple is currently living in Porto Alegre.

Léopold Bian

Léopold Bian (1900–1985) was born in Luxembourg and joined Belgo Mineira in 1928 as the company's administrative manager.

Tania and Emile Léopold Bian's residence resembles a museum entirely decorated with medals and silver plates showcasing the Bian’s prestigious family history.

Contrasting with the still ongoing taboo around Ensch's early life, the Bian couple proudly recognizes Louis Ensch as an illegitimate Bian family member.