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Sálvio Penna

Sálvio Penna was born in Sabará and has worked at Belgo Mineira, as well as his entire family.

Paulo Speller

Paulo Speller was born and raised in João Monlevade as the eldest son of the Luxembourgish engineer Guillaume Prosper Speller. Today, he is a university professor living in Belo Horizonte.

Marc André Meyers

Marc André Meyers was born in Brazil as the eldest son of a Luxembourgish engineer. He is the author of "A Dama e o Luxemburguês" and university professor in San Diego.

Maria Dalce Ricas

As a university student, Maria Dalce Ricas was captured and tortured by the military police in 1971 in Belo Horizonte.

Dr. Jean-Paul Seeburger

Jean-Paul was the son of Nicolas Alfred Seeburger. He was born in Luxembourg and emigrated to João Monlevade in 1947. During his studies in medicine in Belo Horizonte, Jean-Paul shared an apartment with Herbert Forster. He is also known as the "Doctor Jean-Paul" who assisted torture sessions in Belo Horizonte during Brazil's military dictatorship.

Maria Dalce Ricas's article in the 'Veja' magazine (1979)

Read the article on 'Veja' news magazine in which Maria Dalce Ricas denounces Dr. Jean-Paul Seeburger.