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Ensch's birth house

The Ensch house was on 30, rue de Reichlange, only a few steps away from the prestigious Bian residence in the small village of Redange-sur-Attert.

Louis Ensch

Louis Ensch (1895-1953) was born in Redange-sur-Attert and moved to Brazil in 1927, where he became the general director of Belgo Mineira until 1953.

Hotel Brasseur

The Grand Hotel Brasseur was a famous hotel inaugurated in 1873 in the heart of Luxembourg-city. The historical building on Royal boulevard was demolished in 1969.

Guillaume Konsbruck

Guillaume Konsbruck (1909-1983) was the aide-de-camp of the Grand-Ducal family during the Second World War and accompanied the Crown Prince Jean de Luxembourg to Brazil in 1942. Konsbruck later became a leading ARBED manager and head of ARBED Participations, being in charge for Belgo Mineira.

Félix Chomé

Félix Chomé (1888-1972) was the President of Arbed's board of directors from 1952 to 1961. In 1953, the Fundação Félix Chomé was created in Belo Horizonte to offer scholarships to children of Belgo Mineira's employees.