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Louis Ensch

Louis Jacques Ensch was the company’s General Director.

In 1927, the 32-year-old "illegitimate" son of a Luxembourgish notary was sent to Belgo Mineira, ARBED's Brazilian subsidiary which was facing a crisis at that time. This ambitious engineer reversed the situation and helped build the Monlevade plant with its industrial city from scratch.

He remained the company's general director until his sudden death in 1953.

Ensch unexpectedly died of a heart attack in Luxembourg, but some people believe that he committed suicide. Ensch’s body was transported to João Monlevade and he has truly become the frontman of the company’s success story.

"A Fazenda Modelo" - Film about Ensch's Fazenda

Galileu Baeta, Jean-Pierre Fohrmann, Joseph Hein, Albert Scharlé, Louis Ensch and Ouriviu at the Fazenda do Quilombo in 1943.