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São José Operário Church

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The São José Operário Church was designed by the Czech architect Yaro Burian in 1942 and inaugurated in the aftermath of the war in 1946.

The church was entirely financed and managed by the Companhia Siderúrgica Belgo Mineira and even the priests were hired by the company.

The prominent church is built on the top of a valley and is deeply engraved in the urban landscape of the industrial town, as it can be spotted from everywhere.

It has played a key role in imposing moral values and structuring the daily lives of the Monlevade people.

In 1964, Belgo Mineira donated the church administration to the newly established municipality of João Monlevade.

It is the only V-shaped church in the world, symbolizing Via, Veritas, Vita (path, truth, and life).

São José Operário Church

R. Tapajós, 580 - Centro Industrial, João Monlevade - MG, 35930-459, Brazil