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Scharlé Family

Listen to Adrienne and Josette Scharlé VO Portuguese

Albert Scharlé

Albert Scharlé was a Luxembourgish engineer employed at Belgo Mineira since 1929. He succeeded Louis Ensch as general director of the company until his death in 1956.

His children and grandchildren transformed his estates in Belo Horizonte into a neighbourhood called Luxemburgo.

Eugénie Wies-Scharlé

Eugénie Wies-Scharlé was married to the Luxembourgish engineer Albert Scharlé.

Jean-Armand Scharlé

Jean-Armand Scharlé is the eldest son of Albert Scharlé. He was born 1927 in Saarbrücken, moved to Brazil as a child and was sent to high school in Luxembourg.

Jean-Armand was torn apart from his parents and siblings during the war and even forcibly drafted into the German army.

He finally moved back to Brazil in 1946.

After his studies and internships in Luxembourg, he was sent to Monlevade to work at Belgo Mineira's rolling mill under Emile Demuth's lead in 1955.

Adrienne Scharlé

Adrienne Scharlé was born in 1953 in Sabará, Minas Gerais, and is currently living in the most exquisite area of São Paulo.

Her younger sister Josette Scharlé lives in Belo Horizonte, as well as the rest of the Scharlé family. The catholic Scharlé family couldn’t be prouder of their Luxembourgish roots.

The sisters’ grandfather was Albert Scharlé, a Luxembourgish engineer who moved to Brazil in 1929 and took over Louis Ensch’s position as general director in 1953 after his death. Three years later, in 1956, it was Albert Scharlé’s turn to die a few hours before an important business trip to Luxembourg.

Josette Scharlé

Josette is the younger granddaughter of Albert Scharlé.

Albert Scharlé supposedly died of a heart attack in 1956 just before heading back to Luxembourg.

The Scharlé sisters proudly recall their family history.

Marianna Scharlé de Vasconcelos

Marianna Scharlé de Vasconcelos is the eldest daughter of Josette Scharlé. Her husband is the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Belo Horizonte.

Paulo Henrique de Vasconcelos

Paulo Henrique de Vasconcelos is the Honorary Consul of Luxembourg in Belo Horizonte and married to Marianna Scharlé.

Albert Scharlé, his wife Eugénie Wies-Scharlé and their three children – Jean-Armand, Adrienne and Albert-Émile.

Albert Scharlé's funeral in Sabará