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Hayum Family

Listen to Marc Hayum VO Portuguese

Marc Hayum was born in Luxembourg and is the son of Charles Hayum.

In November 1940, the Jewish Hayum family had to flee Luxembourg.

Marc was one year old when the family took the last convoy from Luxembourg to Lisbon together with other refugees hoping to emigrate to Cuba and other American countries.

Portugal refused to grant access to the refugees, who were then sent back to France after staying blocked in Vilar Formoso for ten days.

Six months later, the Hayum family eventually made it to Brazil with the help of Belgo Mineira and the exiled government.

Charles Hayum became Belgo Mineira's sales manager in Rio de Janeiro and Honorary Consul of Luxembourg.

The Hayums were very close to the other Jewish refugees and lived apart from the Luxembourgish colony of João Monlevade.